Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Geo-Centric Display now in Public Testing

A first version of the geo-centric display is now ready for testing by selected users:

Before a user can register there, an "invitation code" is required. Please send me an email or post a comment below if you are interested in getting such a code. The current policy is to allow only a few users on the system, as things are still in motion: the database might be changed, and there can be no guarantee given that the system will always and continuously work.

In order to let a few users test the system, two databases had been merged into one, making the administration easier.

There has no documentation yet been prepared. It is hoped that the operation (logging in, setting the position) is straight-forward and self-explanatory.

One issue to remember when registring: right after registration another login page appears, which is already "pre-filled" with username and temporary password. You NEED to change the password, otherwise the login will not work.

The position can be set by moving the red icon to the desired location. A info ballon callout appears then over the new location, with a button to store this location. The user can choose to hide the position, by not checking the "show location public" box. A query to the database from the public URL will then not show the icon on the map.

Currently the system only stores the last position and does not store tracks or history.

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